admitting i ruined my pretty face in 2020... & how im fixing it.

Beautiful mess FRAGRANCE
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  1. Renee Christie

    Renee Christie

    8 órája

    She's so authentic now. I love it

  2. Kawaii Core

    Kawaii Core

    13 órája

    Aw gabi

  3. Dream Horse

    Dream Horse


    U were always pretty gab ♥️

  4. Nisa Rho

    Nisa Rho

    2 napja

    (blank stare)

  5. Lydia Felton

    Lydia Felton

    5 napja

    Thank you for talking about this! So brave being able to talk about things that scare you, give me courage thing you are able to share, sending love and prayers ❤️

  6. J A

    J A

    5 napja

    Wow gabby you look so beautiful your hair looks amazing your face looks delicate makeup is bomb love the pastel colors

  7. Naomi David

    Naomi David

    6 napja

    I love blue outfit on you ur pretty

  8. MnMn Bahr.

    MnMn Bahr.

    7 napja

    Still ruined

  9. Gillian McGrath

    Gillian McGrath

    7 napja

    You have to admire her for coming out and being open and honest about this. It’s not easy being in the spotlight and having so many people tell you you’re amazing for everything and anything you do, even though you may live to regret them. Young girls will look up to her and they may reconsider having unnecessary surgeries. So good on you Gabi ❤️

  10. Anne Ahern

    Anne Ahern

    7 napja

    Love your transparency 🤍 you’ve always been beautiful with or without



    7 napja

    YES Love the transparency 💞

  12. maddiegh wright

    maddiegh wright

    7 napja

    that's why I hate social media standards with sugars your very pretty gabi. even with out the sugars

  13. Rita Sousa

    Rita Sousa

    8 napja


  14. Madison x

    Madison x

    9 napja

    Damn.. If she thought her face was swollen in the photos she showed, I'm fat as fuck.... 😭💔

  15. kyloren


    10 napja

    I love you

  16. Nik Tour

    Nik Tour

    11 napja

    I looked like my twin but refined.

  17. Shreksbiitch _

    Shreksbiitch _

    11 napja

    I love how open you are about all this. I think you already look more like yourself and you seem happier about it. Your lips especially look so much better! Less pillow-like and more Gabi-like

  18. Vicky


    12 napja

    Who else wishes they could have a shopping spree? LOVE the blue 💙 dress

  19. Ola Elo

    Ola Elo

    13 napja

    Filler migrates and stays in your face for up to 10 years. You’ll always need more filler to sharpen your face but it’ll cause it to be rounder and rounder and it migrates. You’ll look like Jaclyn Hill pretty soon 😭

  20. LovelyLex


    13 napja

    I remember I walked into a cosmetic clinic cause I had a consultation. I was 19 and wanted to get fillers. The techs, when they found out my age, laughed and told me I didn’t need it and how beautiful I was. 🥺

  21. Jessica Ann

    Jessica Ann

    14 napja

    I’m not sure if this was already commented, but an idea for your little hot cocoa sign, if you are trying to stick with season themes, you could do an “iced tea .50” or “fresh lemonade .25” for springish ideas, for summer time you could do “Italian ice $1” or “slushy .50”.... hopefully you get where I’m going with that lol. Again sorry if this idea for the seasonal signs was already commented, I didn’t read any comments

  22. K Y

    K Y

    14 napja

  23. Helena De Lang

    Helena De Lang

    15 napja

    Gabi you are even more stunning each fancy vlog 😩💕💞

  24. Kat Kay

    Kat Kay

    15 napja

    Girlllll you look so much happier in this video than older ones, idk you but I’m glad you seem more at ease with everything🤍

  25. Carolyn G

    Carolyn G

    15 napja

    Try going to therapy for body dysmorphia, everything you say sounds like you have that illness.

  26. vania c

    vania c

    16 napja

    Love you 🤍

  27. Alberina Demiraj

    Alberina Demiraj

    16 napja

    can somebody explain what exactly she got done besides her lips?

  28. Pepper Tina

    Pepper Tina

    16 napja

    What surgeries did she have?

  29. Kylieee Kyky

    Kylieee Kyky

    17 napja

    Where can I get the outfits? I didn’t see the link ❤️💕

  30. H


    18 napja

    Womens styles are becoming more and more like effie from the hunger games

  31. Jbird


    18 napja

    I applaud you for being so honest about your cosmetic procedures. It’s super refreshing. You look gorgeous and I can tell your so much happier.

  32. Zohra Hussain

    Zohra Hussain

    18 napja

    You look so much prettier now. Love the fact that your being so open about regretting the procedures.

  33. Bianca Nicole

    Bianca Nicole

    19 napja

    I absolutely love how real and beautiful Gaby is ... to the heart 💖💫💖✨✨✨🌼

  34. MoonlightDreams


    19 napja

    Thanks for honesty 💕

  35. Brittany Garruto

    Brittany Garruto

    19 napja

    Your honesty is inspiring! So nice to hear!

  36. MoonlightDreams


    19 napja

    She looks fabulous!!

  37. Betsaida Arias

    Betsaida Arias

    19 napja


  38. its diyaa

    its diyaa

    20 napja

    my girl 💞

  39. Faith Aragon

    Faith Aragon

    20 napja


  40. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee

    20 napja


  41. To Pick A Wallflower

    To Pick A Wallflower

    20 napja

    You should do a makeup tutorial!

  42. Im Ch

    Im Ch

    21 napja

    You finally look normal and so much better

  43. Rox Lom

    Rox Lom

    21 napja

    I’m so glad you did this 🤍

  44. sammy knows

    sammy knows

    21 napja

    Girl god already had you in every way. You were already blessed. The original you made you who you are. Your choices decided your trials and tribulations.😬🙏🏼💯🥰

  45. Klaudia Mikulska

    Klaudia Mikulska

    22 napja

    It makes me happy that you're growing to love yourself and I love that you're sharing your own story 💖💖

  46. Sierra Jacks

    Sierra Jacks

    22 napja

    Once you go that way you never go BACK

  47. Chloe Cat

    Chloe Cat

    22 napja

    You looked like the creepy cat lady but I didn’t want to say anything

  48. Taylor Martinez

    Taylor Martinez

    22 napja

    you look so much better now and very healthy

  49. J L

    J L

    22 napja

    I think every young person should go thru a mini therapy session to make sure the issue is not deeper than just artificial and that it's the right thing to do. Idk just me

  50. mariliiskaar


    22 napja

    love how she just wore the dollskill pink top backwards :D it actually looks cool both ways

  51. Wania Ali

    Wania Ali

    23 napja

    Gabi you look so beautiful you are really pretty and perfect love you so much stay happy and may God bless you with all the happiness in the world love you gabi

  52. Amity Morgan

    Amity Morgan

    24 napja

    me getting addicted to doritos flamin hot during quarantine and gabi getting addicted to plastic surgeries... she's so extra 😂 jk jk it's actually really brave to open up about this to the entire world and she is definitely looking more confident

  53. corinna browning

    corinna browning

    24 napja

    You look beautiful and it’s shining from the inside out ✨

  54. Ashley Honahan

    Ashley Honahan

    24 napja

    “Insecure after the surgery”... oh Gabs , I’m just glad you’re happy with your results . We all have addictions, vices but life is too short. 💕

  55. Melisa Erogul

    Melisa Erogul

    24 napja

    Love your honesty your a genuine person ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. Anja


    24 napja

    Omg you have grown so much since i started watching you❤

  57. Maria Sandi

    Maria Sandi

    25 napja

    You are beautiful! Thank you for being honest.

  58. Emily G.

    Emily G.

    25 napja

    I can tell Gab is really depressed lately 😔

  59. Rudra B

    Rudra B

    25 napja

    I loved how she just opened up!!

  60. Shelby bob

    Shelby bob

    25 napja

    Appreciate your honesty, this will give so many girls insight ♡

  61. Katie Jernigan

    Katie Jernigan

    26 napja

    I knew she slowly looked different but didn’t TRULY see it until she did a side by side!!

  62. Alex Kess

    Alex Kess

    26 napja

    Thanks for opening up 💗💗

  63. Megan Mary

    Megan Mary

    26 napja

    I didn’t know you had a line at Dolls Kill 😆 ? Just kidding but could it be more you?! Oh and that blue is so pretty on you!!

  64. rzaidy


    26 napja

    explained this so welll

  65. Madison Courtney

    Madison Courtney

    26 napja


  66. Tamara


    27 napja

    Please post more videos about this

  67. Milena Glezer

    Milena Glezer

    27 napja

    Love this video!!

  68. Serena Johnson

    Serena Johnson

    28 napja

    the dolls kill haul 👏😍 I love alllll the fits

  69. Serena Johnson

    Serena Johnson

    28 napja

    Gabi you inspire me so much. I love your videos and you’re just so beautiful. You and niki are amazing 💜

  70. Vlogs By Mora

    Vlogs By Mora

    28 napja

    I appreciate your honesty 100%. You look beautiful ♥️

  71. Cristina Rivera

    Cristina Rivera

    28 napja

    How come when I looked up fleece pantyhose I get recommended yo videos ....

  72. jennifer christine

    jennifer christine

    28 napja

    As a mom you've been truly owning who you are and it's been a wonderful transformation to watch! You inspire so many young ladies out there with your honesty, courage, and beauty from within. Keep shining! 💜

  73. Zohal Yousufzai

    Zohal Yousufzai

    29 napja

    Thank you so much Gabi for being so vulnerable and open about your procedures, it really helps us out a lot when you’re completely honest and open about your experiences, even if it is scary. So thank you so much. ♥️

  74. EvaMariaZone


    29 napja

    I love your clothes so muuch

  75. Dexter


    29 napja

    When you got them done you said you had a list and always wanted it though? Now you say you only wanted it for three months?

  76. Nomad Moda

    Nomad Moda

    29 napja

    I like that you're open about the fact that you get surgery and can share your regrets with it too. I think so many people go into it with misconceptions. You're right. There are also so many people who have platforms and pretend they look that way naturally, which is so damaging to young girls and guys too.

  77. Heather



    Damn... this hit different

  78. I love u Little mix

    I love u Little mix


    now thats our old gabi back ,i am so happy she understands her mistakes !

  79. TaylorFrenchMusic



    For your DIY Spring sign, it could say "fresh flowers"!

  80. Julia



    You are so brave❤️

  81. Ashley Vanmatre

    Ashley Vanmatre


    I understand completely. I have crohns disease and I have had to have like 6 stomach surgeries. Now I even have an ostomy bag. And I find myself looking at other girls stomachs and wishing my stomach still looked normal. My stomach will never be able to look the way it used to.

  82. Katherine 906

    Katherine 906


    Skip to 10:00

  83. Dawn K

    Dawn K


    You’re nails are gorgeous!

  84. Reagan Lambert

    Reagan Lambert


    It’s awesome that you are learning as you go:)

  85. Kimberly V

    Kimberly V



  86. Jacqueline D'Auria

    Jacqueline D'Auria


    I love your bracelet on your left wrist when talking :) sooo pretty ❤️❤️ and so are you 🙏🏻❤️

  87. B F

    B F


    The best non botched procedure is your nose job and that’s the scariest thing to do. He did a great job and took into account your ethnicity and realistic results. It looks like your old nose but contoured.

  88. somia morshed

    somia morshed


    I think you look pretty but I think you should bring ur jaw how it used to look cause it just looks weird and doesn’t fit you your beautiful naturally btw but you can do what you want love you ♥️

  89. Gitana Adelle

    Gitana Adelle


    Well done ! You look beautiful either way

  90. irrelevant Sis

    irrelevant Sis


    I feel like Gabi’s aesthetic is like pastel cottage core slight vintage antiques :)

  91. Tahailya Lewis

    Tahailya Lewis


    Gabi your beautiful in every way I support you in every way I have loved all your looks your amazing in every way shape or form love you and I love when you open up and I can tell when you talk about these things it helps alot with your mental health 🥰❤

  92. warda hazarika

    warda hazarika


    Your eyelash is giving me anxiety

  93. Ar GL

    Ar GL


    You definitely look botched

  94. Starri night

    Starri night


    sis got sugery to look like bella hadid

  95. Hollie Beth

    Hollie Beth


    You still pick gabriella?

  96. S V

    S V


    You are so honest. Its very refreshing, and you are beautiful from the inside out.

  97. Mademoiselle Kotal

    Mademoiselle Kotal


    Lol does anyone know gabis chart ? Like rising and moon sign ?

  98. Liza Writes

    Liza Writes


    I actually think you look really pretty 💗 your face, your style, your aesthetic they all completely bomb together!

  99. Life with Akunna

    Life with Akunna


    Interesting 🧐

  100. Me An

    Me An


    It's great that your opening up.✨😄😜