house hunting for a castle!

Now that we're engaged, we're starting to plan for our NEXT chapter! that entails a bigger house with more rooms! Follow us while house hunting for our dream home! ...or should I say castle!? :)
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Hi I'm Gabi DeMartino! I make myself the main character of my life every day and I document that through these fancy vlogs! I live the cottage core life with my fiancé! I am getting married to the love of my life can you believe that!? My favorite singer is Ariana Grande, and I'm from Niki and Gabi on HUeye! Follow me throughout my crazy life fulfilling my dreams and encountering CRAZY situations! On this channel, you will see my life through vlogs, aesthetic videos, morning routines and night routines. I romanticize my life to its fullest even though crazy stuff happens! I open up in almost every video about my life and stuff I'm going through. I also document the RARE and incredible stuff that happens to me too! Such as being in the Thank You Next music video, to going to cool events, and places! I love fashion with all of my heart and you'll see hauls in almost every video even if the title has nothing to do with that LOL. I love my subscribers with all my heart. Join the fancy fam and stayed tuned for an upload EVERY 3 DAYS!
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  1. fancy vlogs by gab

    fancy vlogs by gab

    19 napja

    Emelynes channels! ⛪️🧁🧋

    • Carmen Sanchez

      Carmen Sanchez

      14 napja

      hii im new to your vlog and where do you live i love your home its so fancy but i think it needs more you in it and i love your outfits!!!!

    • yournotskiny


      18 napja

      make sure you get a sub zero fridge

    • Katie Lucier

      Katie Lucier

      19 napja

      @SweetEmelyne's ILY SM!

    • SweetEmelyne's


      19 napja

      Awww!! Thank you sm!!🥺💓 I’ll be posting our vlog soon!

    • Vic Kitty

      Vic Kitty

      19 napja

      Omg so sad That the castle is gone 😢It was soooo beautiful and It literally was perfekt for you. But everything Happens for a reason 💕



    12 órája


  3. Tara Benedetti

    Tara Benedetti

    17 órája

    Went into cape may this past weekend and you instantly popped into my head! I feel like we're friends and I haven't seen you lately.I had to listen to champagne dreams on repeat..

  4. Kelley Colvin

    Kelley Colvin


    google castles for sale

  5. Kelley Colvin

    Kelley Colvin


    I wish i could sell you all my vintage stuff as its all shabby chic cottage pale yellow blues and pinks

  6. valentine mar

    valentine mar

    2 napja

    Gabi put her house up for sale! My husband and I saw it whilst house hunting!

  7. 17kDisco


    2 napja

    Gaby looks so cute and happy!! So glad shes engaged and happy with her other half.

  8. Brooklyn Hellenbrand

    Brooklyn Hellenbrand

    3 napja

    Omg your vlogs are so cute💖

  9. Princess Alexander

    Princess Alexander

    3 napja

    that house is so perfect for Gabi's aesthetic

  10. Zuza Riddell

    Zuza Riddell

    5 napja

    Buy the castle buy the castle 🏰 who agrees?

  11. Lil Me

    Lil Me

    6 napja

    Please buy the castle🥺...I can only live my dream through you

  12. Romelia PC

    Romelia PC

    6 napja

    Gabi playing dress up & saying "l look like I'm going to the Easter Parade" is a whole mood😌SO CUTE🥺💕

  13. Kein


    6 napja

    i thought she was taking about the turtle

  14. Maddy Williams

    Maddy Williams

    7 napja

    You two are the cutest. ❤️ Such goals

  15. Christela Ycaris

    Christela Ycaris

    9 napja

    I love everything about this vlog especially the castle house it’s close to my dream house🤩 It’s ok though Gabe I know your castle will come along

  16. Awesome fan edits!

    Awesome fan edits!

    9 napja

    Wow! Cool houses! Love ya Gabi!

  17. Vicky


    11 napja

    Love your denim jacket :)

  18. Sweet Life

    Sweet Life

    11 napja

    Hey My Name Is Lindsey Bick I have a great idea For Gabi And Collin Can You Do Engaged Couple Morning Routine

  19. Jazzi Pette

    Jazzi Pette

    11 napja

    I could imagine how blood queens be like in the castle

  20. Abbii Brown

    Abbii Brown

    12 napja

    I love gabi’s aesthetic 😫

  21. Lexi Jech

    Lexi Jech

    12 napja

    God has an even better castle house in store for you and Collin 💕

  22. Jaquelin Flores

    Jaquelin Flores

    12 napja

    Gabi what the movie call but I love your outfit 🥰❤️❤️

  23. Tasha A

    Tasha A

    13 napja

    I would live there my self. Gabbie yall should get it for sure. Love the castle like home.

  24. Sarah Chung

    Sarah Chung

    13 napja

    what happened to the last vid?

  25. Wild Nature

    Wild Nature

    13 napja

    I love how he said he would wear a cape all the time in that house❤️

  26. Wild Nature

    Wild Nature

    13 napja

    That bathroom literally has Gucci colors LOL

  27. YouTube Censorship Victim

    YouTube Censorship Victim

    13 napja

    Is he contributing financially? Lmao

  28. Meagan Rilee

    Meagan Rilee

    13 napja

    Love that you’re posting more often again! Also loved this blog. It felt like a whole movie. The aesthetic and all was so comforting to watch 💕🤍

  29. MrsLili


    13 napja

    The yellow jacket is so Blair Waldorf

  30. Alyssa Dana

    Alyssa Dana

    13 napja

    The background song I kept humming in my head l I know a song that gets on everyone’s nerves and this is how it goes lmao #90s kids

  31. Bonjour Nicola

    Bonjour Nicola

    13 napja

    Omg your kids are gonna grow up in a castle!!? 🏰😩😩♥️♥️♥️

  32. Samantha Gerken

    Samantha Gerken

    13 napja

    Something better will come along! Build your own castle girl 💕

  33. Alejandra María Mora- YouTuber

    Alejandra María Mora- YouTuber

    13 napja

    *The kitchen is really beautiful.*

  34. jb


    13 napja

    13:36 she looks so much like niki 😭🥰

  35. Nyah


    13 napja

    Gabi if your into magazines you should subscribe to Victoria magazine

  36. rayle ero

    rayle ero

    13 napja

    what was the movie?

  37. eruri supremacy

    eruri supremacy

    14 napja

    im not having the best day, but your videos comfort me so much. :') JUST STALKING YOUR ACCOUNTS COMFORT ME, EVEN IF I SOUND CREEPY..

  38. Sienna Sunshine

    Sienna Sunshine

    14 napja

    Ily Gabi! Been watching since 2014 😄🌇💫 and now I’m 21 time flies 🙃🧚🏻‍♂️

  39. Paige Olivia

    Paige Olivia

    14 napja

    Omg is she saying she wants to try for kids again I do want to see her as a mom

  40. Totally A Professional YouTuber

    Totally A Professional YouTuber

    14 napja

    Not me wishing I lived in a chaste

  41. K


    14 napja

    Capes! Yessssss

  42. Xoxo Jessa

    Xoxo Jessa

    14 napja

    There’s something better in store for you love 💗

  43. Grace Maxwell

    Grace Maxwell

    15 napja

    Gabi, I really loved your natural makeup in this vid! It really suits you :)

  44. Kara Ramold

    Kara Ramold

    15 napja

    What was the movie or show she showed?

  45. Victoria Wallen

    Victoria Wallen

    15 napja

    The castle is a bit too dark for me

  46. French Girls in the USA

    French Girls in the USA

    15 napja

    You will find your place .. or you can build it 🤔

  47. Blink Forever

    Blink Forever

    15 napja

    search "princess polly purple mini dress" and you will see gabi

  48. Alle


    15 napja

    What's the name movie you were watching

  49. tayybrigg


    15 napja

    To me star fruit taste like a green apple

  50. sunnymxffins


    15 napja

    I love how real gabi’s Christianity is

  51. Annie Whirl

    Annie Whirl

    15 napja

    i have a suggestion, if you're moving somewhere that you think will be your family home with kids, i would suggest making sure that there's good schools nearby. :D

  52. Ellen Torres

    Ellen Torres

    15 napja

    Oh my God stopped at 1:21 love that Gabi is hyped

  53. Leah Dickerson

    Leah Dickerson

    15 napja

    collin is so whipped 🤣

  54. •Boop Noodles•

    •Boop Noodles•

    15 napja

    aaaa you literally live my dream, i love you gabii

  55. Trinidad Nahuelhual

    Trinidad Nahuelhual

    16 napja

    Hola Gaby i love tus videos y de paso aprendo ingles soy de Argentina... Me encatan tu videos!!

  56. Zoe


    16 napja

    This home is so Gabi

  57. Victoria Blends

    Victoria Blends

    16 napja

    I’ll build you a snow castle Queen ❄️🐰💕💛 P.S Lahhhv the Pink and Yellow aesthetic..

  58. F A

    F A

    16 napja

    the cutest vlog

  59. soupremacy


    16 napja

    That house was made for you

  60. Esmeralda Garcia Anchondo

    Esmeralda Garcia Anchondo

    16 napja

    Do one with kenny and 24 hours in best buy

  61. Sarah Jane Rameau

    Sarah Jane Rameau

    16 napja

    You’re so authentic now in your vlogs! I enjoy them more now!! Keep it up Gabi! Stay yourself and be blessed you and Collin!

  62. vonnikki


    16 napja

    Love the videos. You help calm down after a stressful day. I was wondering, what’s that Judy garland movie playing?

  63. Elisabeth Beck

    Elisabeth Beck

    16 napja

    That house was made for Colin and Gabi

  64. malaya atkins

    malaya atkins

    16 napja

    You crazy girl! ❤️

  65. more adventure

    more adventure

    16 napja

    Make sure they are not haunted :)

  66. malaya atkins

    malaya atkins

    16 napja

    I can tell (blue) flower bows is a must ever since she bought that beautiful vanity 🥰

  67. super sar

    super sar

    16 napja

    i love it

  68. Nina Thompson

    Nina Thompson

    16 napja

    I am actually really really sad that Gabi didn’t get the castle but as she said that everything Happens For a reason. Love you Gabi 🥺🤍

  69. Jada Howard-Nolan

    Jada Howard-Nolan

    16 napja

    this vlog is everything 🥺🧚🏽‍♀️🌱🧁

  70. Kathrine Evans

    Kathrine Evans

    16 napja

    What’s the movie called because I would love to watch it! 🥰

    • Elle ML

      Elle ML

      16 napja

      AHH I'm looking for it too :(

  71. Stephy Satizabal

    Stephy Satizabal

    16 napja

    I wanna live in a castle toooooo

  72. lazylemonvibes


    17 napja

    omg!!!!! that castle home. :)

  73. jungkook's shart

    jungkook's shart

    17 napja

    Ugh, i was about to watch your latest video but you privated it. Could someone tell me what happened?

  74. More Travel Please

    More Travel Please

    17 napja

    Oh my gosh it's my dream to live in a castle too ahahahha that house was beautiful!

  75. Destine Yeatts

    Destine Yeatts

    17 napja

    God Bless everyone and God loves everyone Amen ❤️🙏🏽

  76. Sandy Scuba

    Sandy Scuba

    17 napja

    Awe.. All beautiful. Well have a happy marriage guys and a happy healthy family ❤️

  77. i love food

    i love food

    17 napja

    5:44 lol your "wow"

  78. Laura


    17 napja

    That is seriously THE perfect house😍😍😍😍

  79. Lupita Millan

    Lupita Millan

    17 napja

    That house is soooo you 😳💕

  80. Sorsha


    17 napja

    I'm only 1:20 in and I can already tell that house would be perfect for you and Collin! It's so cute and whimsical

  81. Amelia Katherine

    Amelia Katherine

    17 napja

    what movie were you watching at emelyne’s?

  82. Amelia Katherine

    Amelia Katherine

    17 napja

    i’m gonna throw up you need that house

  83. Vlogs by Miss Candice

    Vlogs by Miss Candice

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    I’m so bummed that you didn’t get the castle. The vlogs would’ve been amazing in that castle 🏰

  84. Savannah LeBlanc

    Savannah LeBlanc

    17 napja

    OMG that house is magical

  85. Alannah Hatt

    Alannah Hatt

    17 napja

    That snow white purse, though 😲🥰

  86. Lily Roeun

    Lily Roeun

    17 napja

    I wonder when they're gonna have kids. Gabi would be a great mom.

  87. Julie Montoya

    Julie Montoya

    17 napja

    That is such a beautiful home

  88. Isabela Betancourt

    Isabela Betancourt

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    The house was PERFECT for her

  89. Kamila Aslin

    Kamila Aslin

    17 napja


  90. K Rob1n

    K Rob1n

    17 napja

    Will the well work????

  91. K Rob1n

    K Rob1n

    17 napja

    Starfruit whitens teeth

  92. DD O

    DD O

    17 napja


  93. Eman Nadeem

    Eman Nadeem

    18 napja

    What movie or season you were watching?

  94. Nia Huey

    Nia Huey

    18 napja

    Not me applauding gab for making smart shopping decisions 👏🏾

  95. TanglesInTiaras


    18 napja

    What was the movie at 12:52 ? I wanna watch it!

  96. Milda Noskovaitė

    Milda Noskovaitė

    18 napja

    such a lovely vlog 🖤

  97. Jessica Caudill

    Jessica Caudill

    18 napja

    i love you gabi and can you do what’s on my iPhone 👒💐🛁🧺🎀🪞🤍

  98. faith g

    faith g

    18 napja

    gabi is the older sister i’ve always wanted 🥺 i adore and love you so much 🤍

  99. ChelseaAnne42


    18 napja

    I literally needed that quote from the Bible 😳🥰

  100. Deondra Persaud

    Deondra Persaud

    18 napja

    OMG yes Queen congratulations Happy Easter🌸🌺🐇🐰