our stalkers ruined our wedding plans + what we're doing about it.

Unfortunately we’ve had some unexpected stalkers change our plans for us!
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  1. fancy vlogs by gab

    fancy vlogs by gab

    10 napja

    wedding planning DETAILED vids here: www.soclose.me/x/gabi the ATTRACTION perfume I've been talking about lol : dreamlove1000.com/product/dream-love-1000-attraction-perfume/?ref=4

    • Hey ItsMe

      Hey ItsMe

      7 napja

      I am so sorry that happened to you....There are some people who live just so they can hate on people.... i hope it never happens again.... ❤️

    • Bailee Nicolay

      Bailee Nicolay

      8 napja

      pls say hi!!!

    • maggie erich

      maggie erich

      9 napja

      You crazy girl 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Carmen Sanchez

      Carmen Sanchez

      9 napja


    • Andrea Gambino

      Andrea Gambino

      9 napja

      Gabi I love you. You are so awesome

  2. Kelsey Brooke

    Kelsey Brooke

    9 órája

    Never ending story theme chimes are making me nostalgic!!!! Omggggg 😊🥰☺🤗😯

  3. remus lupin

    remus lupin

    14 órája

    omg, she's wearing the 13 going on 30 outfit ! 🖤🥺

  4. Katie Wingler

    Katie Wingler


    hi, barista here. if you do a vanilla bean with hazelnut and white mocha it’ll taste a lot more like cake :)

  5. Nicole Oyejola

    Nicole Oyejola


    "You crazy girl !"




    you crazy girl!

  7. Saira Mathil

    Saira Mathil


    I love how you showed so many things that Niki got you in the Amazon video!!

  8. Sidney Hilsy

    Sidney Hilsy


    My biggest flex is being born on the same day as niki and Gabri (may 5)

  9. Ellegaitor



    That’s awful. Just because your an influencer doesn’t mean people have the right to leak your wedding date! That’s just shameful. Sorry there’s people out there who are obviously vile and disrespectful people. Big hugs xx

  10. Syd


    2 napja

    Me rewatching this realizing she’s wearing the 13 going on 30 outfit Niki got her for her😂

  11. ari is my everything

    ari is my everything

    2 napja

    im so sorry bub :( love u

  12. Success First

    Success First

    2 napja

    Pre-record everything and post it after your wedding.

  13. 2020


    3 napja

    I love that you used the music from “the never ending story” as the background music towards the end. Loved that movie ❤️

  14. Andres


    3 napja


  15. ⟭⟬•l o t t i e

    ⟭⟬•l o t t i e

    3 napja

    The tea is spilled at 8:02

  16. cianna *

    cianna *

    3 napja

    if you still want to document your entire wedding process then you should, but just post it after the wedding in like a long video or something 💕💕

  17. Pretty Vintage

    Pretty Vintage

    4 napja

    Missing the days when gabi used to do luxury hauls

  18. Victoria Iceskating909

    Victoria Iceskating909

    4 napja

    Be happy girl! And try not to worry!☺️

  19. SweetHaart


    4 napja

    So happy for you gabi!! ♡

  20. Brittany Tucker

    Brittany Tucker

    5 napja

    Always here for you boo! Document the process for you and Collin! You deserve that! And forget them haters! I agree with what someone else said, document it but post it after the occasion!

  21. Paulina Szybicki

    Paulina Szybicki

    5 napja

    Omg i would loveee if you could maybe do an updated makeup routine 😍😍loveyou

  22. The Real

    The Real

    5 napja

    That is a HUGE bow. Lol

  23. Kaelyn The Rat

    Kaelyn The Rat

    5 napja

    Please do a Offical House Tour💖💗💝

  24. areon morning

    areon morning

    5 napja

    Lmao glam looking knome im dying

  25. Abigail Richardson

    Abigail Richardson

    5 napja

    If anyone can sub to close friends then that still leaves it open for people that stalk and expose info..... just post everything after the wedding. That would be much safer and smarter.

  26. kati2691 kati2691

    kati2691 kati2691

    5 napja

    im so sorry you had to go though this. it sounds terrrible.

  27. Amy Adams

    Amy Adams

    5 napja

    OMG sorry I watched the video late

  28. Stephanie Melendez

    Stephanie Melendez

    5 napja


  29. chloe


    5 napja

    you crazy girl!

  30. Lakatos Zsanett

    Lakatos Zsanett

    5 napja

    i wasnt subscribed (just subscribed before i watched this vlog) and ily, i truly want the best for u and collin

  31. Tabbitha Coughlin

    Tabbitha Coughlin

    5 napja

    I hope you are still able to post the wedding afterwards on HUeye ❤️

  32. Ashley Skilinski

    Ashley Skilinski

    6 napja

    Did you ever get to move in to your dream house

  33. Technically Petra

    Technically Petra

    6 napja

    Them cooking together is so cute

  34. Technically Petra

    Technically Petra

    6 napja

    Ngl when she cooks it makes me so hungry ahhh like I wish

  35. Technically Petra

    Technically Petra

    6 napja

    Guys what the hell is up with the comments? Like there's always tons more than this. Almost every channel I've seen today has something weird like that going on in the comments.

  36. Hayli M

    Hayli M

    6 napja

    Where is that pink candle from that she replaces the bbw one with???

  37. Miss McGeehan

    Miss McGeehan

    6 napja

    i only trust peoples cooking if their pans are burnt 😘 you know those bitches are being put to use !!

  38. Nitro Rose

    Nitro Rose

    6 napja

    I'm subscribed but first watch since the incident

  39. Mara Tolea

    Mara Tolea

    6 napja

    Is niki talking at some point?

  40. Claire Edwards

    Claire Edwards

    6 napja

    Mmmmm yes so the internet hates you💚

  41. tsuyu


    6 napja

    6:47 Lily was staring straight into mah soul😭 she’s so adorable💕

  42. Bri Montano

    Bri Montano

    6 napja

    K but you’ve been glowing lately 😭😭😭 I could tell you’re in a good place I’m so happy for you guys 🥺🤍🤍

  43. Sofie


    6 napja

    This is so messed up what some people feel the need to do. Sad. I love all your videos and am loving your content right now even more, I'm so excited for you 🤗

  44. Quinn Camarena

    Quinn Camarena

    6 napja

    Idk call me 😵👈 but Watching you guys 🍛cooking with the music in the background was so relaxing

  45. E


    6 napja

    You crazy girl :)

  46. Evie Marsters

    Evie Marsters

    7 napja

    I have a rabbjt called poppy and you named your rabbit statue poppy also love your videos you are so inspiring

  47. Danielle -

    Danielle -

    7 napja

    Do you clean your house or have someone else do it? I’d love to see a house cleaning video

  48. Felicia Anderson

    Felicia Anderson

    7 napja

    So cute! Love watching your videos and snap!

  49. Tay Time

    Tay Time

    7 napja

    Gabiiiiii- fraps are made with whole milk!!!! I am not sure if your still doing dairy free! That’s why I’m telling you :) love you!!

  50. Kanesha


    7 napja

    You should record and upload after your wedding

  51. Kari-Marie Downer

    Kari-Marie Downer

    7 napja

    These people really crazy... I wish I could afford to subscribe... sighzz.. love you gabby.. we understand

  52. Tatiana Mendez

    Tatiana Mendez

    7 napja

    You crazy girl!

  53. Milda Noskovaitė

    Milda Noskovaitė

    7 napja

    love you gabi 🖤

  54. s a d i a

    s a d i a

    7 napja

    I like = a pan that's not burnt

  55. Itzayana Barranco

    Itzayana Barranco

    7 napja

    Watch gossip girl

  56. Qwynn Hafer

    Qwynn Hafer

    7 napja

    I completely support that decision i just wish i wasnt too young for a job lol

  57. Maria Dimitrova

    Maria Dimitrova

    7 napja

    I wish you the best

  58. Kelly Jackson

    Kelly Jackson

    7 napja

    anyone know where the sunglasses are from that she had on at starbucks ?

  59. skigolflove


    7 napja

    Lmaoooo I haven’t watched gab for awhile, I forgot how much she shamelessly clickbaits

  60. Kath Mack

    Kath Mack

    7 napja

    GABI I just got your perfume in the mail and IM OBSESSED with it!!!! It’s so unique and feminine and yummy 😍💕🤍 you slayed it. Happy wedding planning

  61. patty Tanco

    patty Tanco

    7 napja

    I’m happy for you Congrats. 🎈🎊🍾

  62. PeachyDyl


    7 napja

    Gabi! Pls invite Ariana to your wedding!!! It would be so cute!

  63. Aurora


    7 napja

    did you leak it yourself with a fake anti gabi twitter account?

  64. blah


    7 napja

    Mask so cute 🤩

  65. Shreya Iyer

    Shreya Iyer

    7 napja

    you crazy girl!

  66. •Bri •

    •Bri •

    7 napja

    I hope you guys get everything fixed and the wedding turns out even better

  67. Paris Daly

    Paris Daly

    7 napja

    Gabi I loved this cute little easter vlog you should film an updated house tour xx Love you Gabi

  68. Ryan


    7 napja

    maybe you should express yourself more respectful about others

  69. MinsTastic


    8 napja

    You could still film the process but post it after the wedding

  70. Emilia Esquilin

    Emilia Esquilin

    8 napja

    Your the best🥰

  71. Amina Salahou

    Amina Salahou

    8 napja

    Love the new intro 🌷🌷

  72. Ariana grande Fan

    Ariana grande Fan

    8 napja

    gab I looove u, your wedding will be great

  73. Kritika Raj

    Kritika Raj

    8 napja

    Hey lover.. U r really strong everythin is finee... We all love u just be positive🙃🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  74. Manda. Panda.

    Manda. Panda.

    8 napja

    I loooove bread and butter pickles too 😍

  75. Honey Babie

    Honey Babie

    8 napja

    If u regularly cook ur pans wil be burnt it happens

  76. Honey Babie

    Honey Babie

    8 napja

    It’s because it’s spring, a holiday and things are opening up. That’s why people ar extra nice this week

  77. Eima Naser

    Eima Naser

    8 napja

    Ugh:( I’m so sorry people have ruined this for you! I was so excited to share this amazing time 🥺

  78. Destine Yeatts

    Destine Yeatts

    8 napja

    God Bless everyone and God loves everyone Amen ❤️🙏🏽

  79. EvaMariaZone


    8 napja

    I love starbucks drinks. but at the moment I can not get anywhere were i can get Starbucks.

  80. Aton Crizel Jane

    Aton Crizel Jane

    8 napja

    i literally envy those perfumes. i wish i had those too, fingers crossed.

  81. Amanda Hatfield

    Amanda Hatfield

    8 napja

    If you still wanted to film the hunting for a venue for example you could do so then after your wedding make a long wedding planning video

  82. Eva Savasteeva

    Eva Savasteeva

    8 napja

    where is the headband from? I really need to know

  83. Mad Cookies

    Mad Cookies

    8 napja

    That’s terrible people need to know where they stand in your life that’s not cool I’m sorry that happened to you

  84. Eva Savasteeva

    Eva Savasteeva

    8 napja

    did Gabi get her ears pierced?! 3:42 when???

  85. Mickala Holley

    Mickala Holley

    8 napja

    If you spray your pans with oven cleaner (outside) leave them for a couple hours then wash them. The burn parts should come clean

    • Mickala Holley

      Mickala Holley

      8 napja

      @fancy vlogs by gab you’re welcome 🥰

    • fancy vlogs by gab

      fancy vlogs by gab

      8 napja

      thank you!!! 🤍

  86. Fatoom Waz

    Fatoom Waz

    8 napja

    Gabi is soooo cute love you girl🧡🧡🧡🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤷🏻‍♀️

  87. Kamille Massenat

    Kamille Massenat

    8 napja

    gabi i will always support u!!

  88. Terri Law

    Terri Law

    8 napja

    🤍 "Just Keep Breathin" 🤍 😘✌🏾

  89. G-lana P

    G-lana P

    8 napja

    That's a bummer! But understood some people are creeps so be safe!

  90. OMGItsFierFoxx


    8 napja

    Your sister Niki is so ugly your defo the better sister/twin 😘

  91. Gianna Olivier

    Gianna Olivier

    8 napja

    wait what did i miss... havent seen a few vlogs since i was doing other things and we are already Fancy Vlogs again?

  92. Jessica Rico Salazar

    Jessica Rico Salazar

    8 napja

    I Hope you have an amazing safe wedding

  93. Alessia Tosi

    Alessia Tosi

    8 napja

    Love u so much 💖

  94. je t’aime

    je t’aime

    8 napja

    as soon as you talked about subscribing I immediately subbed I thought I was already subscribed I really enjoy your videos though they are really entertaining to watch and make my day

  95. Nieke Tabibi

    Nieke Tabibi

    8 napja

    gabby keep hope I know u and Collin will have a great wedding

  96. Yaris Sanchez Rojas

    Yaris Sanchez Rojas

    8 napja

    Watch it be that one girl obsessed with Collin who photoshopped herself over Gabi 😳

    • Yaris Sanchez Rojas

      Yaris Sanchez Rojas

      3 napja

      @Maryn Berg yeah it’s true story, there’s this one crazy obsessive girl who photoshopped her whole self over Gabi saying that her and Collin has been dating for years 😂🤦🏻‍♀️idk if the video is on gabis channel but I remember seeing it . And Gabi talking about it too.

    • Maryn Berg

      Maryn Berg

      3 napja

      Wait what

  97. Ashley Keaton

    Ashley Keaton

    8 napja

    Just bought your Perfume finally!!😍♥️

  98. — kαciee

    — kαciee

    8 napja

    aw so sorry that happened gabi :( 🤍

  99. Sarah Finn

    Sarah Finn

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    I love the new intro!!

  100. Becky Lewis

    Becky Lewis

    8 napja

    you crazy girl !