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Join me in this overnight challenge! Will I get caught? And is this really what he does with his time when I'm gone?
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  1. fancy vlogs by gab

    fancy vlogs by gab

    13 napja

    You can purchase the Attraction perfume here: dreamlove1000.com/product/dream-love-1000-attraction-perfume/?ref=4 boosts romantic appeal from a distance of 2 meters (6 1/2 feet) range. #ad

    • Vicky


      11 napja

      Your survivor bag is super cute

    • Melanie Gawel

      Melanie Gawel

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      Do you have a coupon code? 😅😅😅

    • Melanie Gawel

      Melanie Gawel

      12 napja

      @Deidra Brooks Hey boo, I received the same message about not being able to ship to the us as well, but after putting in the state/zip it was fine :)

    • Carmen Sanchez

      Carmen Sanchez

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      i mean the one

    • Carmen Sanchez

      Carmen Sanchez

      13 napja

      just telling my granma has the same chair as theone you had in your room

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    Gamer Gals

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    Normal people- I brang food,water,and a pillow Gabi- I brang sweets,perfume,drink,cream,cream,cream

  10. Lakatos Zsanett

    Lakatos Zsanett

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    fail but thats why i loved it

  11. H.M Cross

    H.M Cross

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    I would not be able to do this at my house my boyfriend is a former security guard for 8 plus years and he runs a whole house perimeter check through out the day and at night just to make sure everything is ok 😂 I’d fail this challenge

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    Xoxo Jessa

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  17. babyface17


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    "You crazy girl 😜 " Gabi you look stunning!! I'm so glad You got sponsored by the Dream perfume I have been debating on getting it since the original video came out! Where is the DISCOUNT CODE? Lol I am trying to get that and Beautiful Mess!!😭😭🤩🤩

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    — kαciee

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    I'm shocked lily didn't start barking when she saw you hanging out in the closet 🤣

  24. Comments Only

    Comments Only

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    I’m gonna throw a shoe in the hall ✋🏽😭💀

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    Hey gab im your new subcriber

    • ItzMehAKEELAH


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      Aww gabi heart my video

  26. Mary Frail

    Mary Frail

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    Lol I could never do this bc I would be laughing and then I would start messing with him but laughing the whole time 😂

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    Sarah Biller

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    kcbmx11 !

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    Anna Neeser

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    Eima Naser

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    Awesome fan edits!

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    Vlogs by Miss Candice

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