the TRUTH about my engagement ring. WITH SHOPPING FOOTAGE

Hi I'm Gabi DeMartino! I make myself the main character of my life every day and I document that through these fancy vlogs! I live the cottage core life with my fiancé! I am getting married to the love of my life can you believe that!? My favorite singer is Ariana Grande, and I'm from Niki and Gabi on HUeye! Follow me throughout my crazy life fulfilling my dreams and encountering CRAZY situations! On this channel, you will see my life through vlogs, aesthetic videos, morning routines and night routines. I romanticize my life to its fullest even though crazy stuff happens! I open up in almost every video about my life and stuff I'm going through. I also document the RARE and incredible stuff that happens to me too! Such as being in the Thank You Next music video, to going to cool events, and places! I love fashion with all of my heart and you'll see hauls in almost every video even if the title has nothing to do with that LOL. I love my subscribers with all my heart. Join the fancy fam and stayed tuned for an upload EVERY 3 DAYS!
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  1. Asha Britton

    Asha Britton

    3 órája

    Mmm new mmm👍

  2. Pterodactyl


    7 órája


  3. Tzarina Byrne

    Tzarina Byrne

    2 napja

    you guys look like Christoff and Anna

  4. katelyn beadle

    katelyn beadle

    12 napja

    I love it I'm happy for u guys

  5. Arianna Sharma

    Arianna Sharma

    15 napja

    When he said “let my wife pick out her own ring”, I think my hurt bursted with joy a little 🥺 I grew up watching her and her twin and she’s gonna be married , we love y’all so much. 💓

  6. ohhoneyy !

    ohhoneyy !

    18 napja

    i thought it was common for women to pick out the ring lol

  7. Camila Montserrat

    Camila Montserrat

    26 napja

    GABIIIIIII, seeing you talk about God is just amazingggggggggggggggggggg!!!! Waooo. Seeing how you so openly and passionately talk about Him without fear is beyond everything. I bless your life and marriageeeee 🤍

  8. Diamond Carnations

    Diamond Carnations

    28 napja

    💎We have beautiful Diamond Engagement Rings💎

  9. Mrs. Davis

    Mrs. Davis


    I can see how it would be fun to pick out ones ring. My husband picked mine and it was so exciting to see what he got me, he found a beautiful antique tiffanies and I was floored when I opened the box never in a million years did I think I would have a tiffanies 😭 😍 your chose such a pretty ring, it’s definitely meant for a princess ❤️ I pray you and Colin have any happy years to come.

  10. Brittany Eason

    Brittany Eason


    My husband let me pick out my own ring and it was the best thing ever! I thought it was amazing

  11. Mel Just Planning

    Mel Just Planning


    Your ring is gorgeous! I have a rose gold ring as well!

  12. Alize Rocha

    Alize Rocha


    I love young love! It's not what's you have financially but what you have in your heart! As long as both you love it it's worth it!

  13. ᴘʀᴇᴘᴘʏ.ᴘʜɪᴇᴇ




  14. Sara Al-ot

    Sara Al-ot


    Just bought ur fragrance! So excited

  15. iman bell

    iman bell


    I love that you are sharing devotionals and the Bible more as well as being less materialistic. I am trying to do the same. I love Jesus and he renews our strength. He is so good and I am happy that Easter is soon! He is Risen!

  16. Christela Ycaris

    Christela Ycaris


    I love Gaby’s aesthetic such a relaxing tone and that was a beautiful romance

  17. Tiny girl in the Big Smoke

    Tiny girl in the Big Smoke


    love it when say hey boos

  18. Marie



    I picked out my ring too! I'd hate for my guy to spend so much on something without knowing if I like it. It's a smart move!!

  19. Rachel Leynes

    Rachel Leynes


    Aww he’s so lovely - hey from London 👋what a beautiful ring. The best I’ve seen so far.

  20. Sean McGuire

    Sean McGuire


    If you have a woman that knows exactly what she wants, its better to just let her pick it out or design it

  21. mia jefferson

    mia jefferson



  22. Vanessa Andreottola

    Vanessa Andreottola


    We have the same cross frame🤍

  23. Jenny Mui

    Jenny Mui


    Congratulations on your engagement. I built and picked out my own ring as well.

  24. Jennifer Cochran

    Jennifer Cochran


    Your so BEAUTIFUL...💚

  25. Jessica



    This is the reason I watch you Gabi because we are a lot a like. *My Dad was a Minister when I was younger so I was raised in church.* I feel the same way you do sometimes and I know it is my relationship with God.

    • Jessica



      Yay I looove you so much 😍 keep doing what you love because it makes your true fans happy 💙

  26. Sydney K

    Sydney K


    That Godly Glow girl!!! It’s real!!! & God loves you so much!!!! There is hope on Him alone!! ❤️

  27. Lorraine Rodriguez

    Lorraine Rodriguez


    I loved you and your instagram prior but these devotional moments 🥰

  28. Olivia McWherter

    Olivia McWherter


    I love you sharing where you get your hope and peace from!❤️

  29. Isabelle Cyr

    Isabelle Cyr


    i love it

  30. Taylor Lochbaum

    Taylor Lochbaum


    “God knows perfect timing he knows your timing” YES GABI YES 👏🏻

  31. Goose



    I love that you did aquamarine. That's my birthstone, and I've thought about doing it for an engagement ring as well. I actually purchased a beautiful 3.2 carat cushion cut aquamarine a few years ago from a wholesaler, and have thought about turning it into a ring at some point. Your ring is so beautiful!!! CONGRATS!!

  32. Suzanne Lambe

    Suzanne Lambe


    I like the way you picked your own ring its cute

  33. Ol!v!a



    Let's face it Gabi is traditional and elegant as f*ck! 🤍

  34. Selena Singh

    Selena Singh


    14 inches? LMFAO. There's about 25 inches where I am and it's STILL snowing

  35. YxB Courtney

    YxB Courtney


    The ring is perfect and Gabi I’m a March baby so the aquamarine stone is my birth stone.

  36. Ashley Villafane

    Ashley Villafane


    Hi gabby just wanna say u and your ring r so beautiful and luv u

  37. tori Harris

    tori Harris


    I think both ideas are cute but personally for me I would like too be surprised for my ring its the thought that counts. I mean im not opposed to giving out hints but I want mine to a surprised.❤

  38. Tonycia •

    Tonycia •


    I love you Gabi 💕

  39. Thea Mae

    Thea Mae


    Omg what if Gabi made a fragrance for their wedding like a wedding fragrance omg!!

  40. Jessica Brewer

    Jessica Brewer


    Gabi is nodding approvingly, I love it 💘

  41. Danielle -

    Danielle -


    You should shovel some snow so there’s a spot the puppies can go potty :)

  42. llethnac dordanf

    llethnac dordanf


    I used to sell engagement rings - we worked with Dana Augustine. I thought it looked like a dana ring, they do great work and let you really customize is. I always loved couples doing it together

  43. Brisa Montes

    Brisa Montes

    2 hónapja

    I just watched the video about how he has tic and in very proud

  44. hi hi

    hi hi

    2 hónapja

    hey Gabi i think you will love this app it is called JW. library and I show's the light on god and what his name is and even has videos for every thing and it has a bible too in over 200 languages please check this out and tell me how it is and if you have any question's please asks me and if you can downlow the app than you can go on the website P.S. ily.

  45. Bethany R.

    Bethany R.

    2 hónapja

    Can you do some hairstyle how to’s?? Your hair is always amazing!

  46. Sofie


    2 hónapja

    what happened to her last vlog?????????????????????

  47. iiChloe


    2 hónapja

    I wanna be you

  48. isla mcdonagh

    isla mcdonagh

    2 hónapja

    Can you please make more asmr videos ?xx

  49. Makeupbynathali


    2 hónapja

    My brother and his wife dated for 10 years and got married in 2014. My brother proposed to her a few years into the relationship but she said "she wasn't ready to get marry because she was still young and wanted to accomplish alot together in their relationship. I was their junior bridesmaid for their wedding and it was amazing. Everyone is different in their way and god knows the right timing

  50. Jaquelin Flores

    Jaquelin Flores

    2 hónapja

    Omg I love your glasses your so pretty with glasses 🥺❤️❤️

  51. Astrid TheFangirl

    Astrid TheFangirl

    2 hónapja

    I would want my future husband to go with me to the ring shop so I can show him what I like and then have him surprise me

    • Ankita Jain

      Ankita Jain

      2 hónapja

      omg same!! Also i have a beauty channel and would love if you could subscribe!! 💗💗

  52. Sofiya Manovska

    Sofiya Manovska

    2 hónapja

    we hate you gaby for harrasing lia aka ssniperwolf

  53. Sofiya Manovska

    Sofiya Manovska

    2 hónapja

    we hate you gaby for harrasing lia aka ssniperwolf

  54. Sofiya Manovska

    Sofiya Manovska

    2 hónapja

    we hate you gaby for harrasing lia aka ssniperwolf

  55. Sofiya Manovska

    Sofiya Manovska

    2 hónapja

    we hate you gaby for harrasing lia aka ssniperwolf

  56. Txerri Plays

    Txerri Plays

    2 hónapja


  57. ringachi


    2 hónapja

    I thought you were trying to be more conscious on your spending....?

  58. Zoe Angelakis

    Zoe Angelakis

    2 hónapja

    hehehehe i live in pennsylvania toooooo

  59. Azzy K

    Azzy K

    2 hónapja

    Video idea: can you do a video dedicating to your candles and talking about ur fave ones because u are the one that got me hooked on candles🥰🥰😂

  60. sparkly cell phones

    sparkly cell phones

    2 hónapja

    I love you seashell hair clip. You're so pretty.

  61. luv dogs

    luv dogs

    2 hónapja

    so i live in the uk near london(where it never snows) and we had 7 inch snow.. like how

  62. Hi Sisters

    Hi Sisters

    2 hónapja

    Omgg gabi! You look so pretty and like the make-up its beautiful! And you being engaged to collin is literally the sweetest thing ever!!

  63. Marianna Monacelli

    Marianna Monacelli

    2 hónapja

    Please do more devotionals!!!! You are so cute

  64. Im a Ghost

    Im a Ghost

    2 hónapja

    She has a brown couch!! Oh my goodness!! Never thought she would have a brown couch

  65. Sarah Miller

    Sarah Miller

    2 hónapja

    The story is so cute! I wish the best for y’all in the future!🥰✨

  66. Devin Panzetanga

    Devin Panzetanga

    2 hónapja


    • Devin Panzetanga

      Devin Panzetanga

      2 hónapja

  67. LifeWithLon


    2 hónapja

    I like how Collin was talking then was like w/e lmao. Sometimes I lose my words too especially when doing a video even if it's common sense stuff lmao

  68. Angie Cuiñas

    Angie Cuiñas

    2 hónapja

    I love the final, I'm rebuilding my relationship with god too, it's really encouraging hearing you read that, thanks 💕

  69. Paige


    2 hónapja

    I love Colin and I’m so happy for Gabi💍

  70. Chantel Stephens

    Chantel Stephens

    2 hónapja

    Can you please do a tanning routine , your tan is so dark n I must know what you do to get it!

  71. Kitten Gem

    Kitten Gem

    2 hónapja

    I'm loving those diamond sprinkles!

    • Ankita Jain

      Ankita Jain

      2 hónapja

      omg its so cute i love how she's doing the whole wedding theme around her house! Also i have a beauty channel and would love if you could subscribe! 💗

  72. Vanya Cassanova

    Vanya Cassanova

    2 hónapja

    Cutest couple goals❤❤

  73. Kayla Sanders

    Kayla Sanders

    2 hónapja

    Update: I got engaged yesterday in a airplane. (My second time in a plane, first was skydiving my FIANCÉ set up for me) anyways.. i felt so lucky and happy to be sharing this at the same time as you Gabby! Im so happy for you both! And love the bridal videos! They are giving me good vibes and inspiration! 💍💎😬👰‍♀️✨

  74. Shaganaa Gunarajan

    Shaganaa Gunarajan

    2 hónapja

    omg omg forgot about niki and gabi take:!!!

  75. Priyanshi Mistry

    Priyanshi Mistry

    2 hónapja

    We miss Niki and gabi so much

  76. La La

    La La

    2 hónapja

    I picked out my engagement ring as well! It was a surprise when I received it though!

  77. Lillie Pinho

    Lillie Pinho

    2 hónapja

    I think it's wonderful you went together to pick the 💍 love 😘 Love the fancy coffee you made such a cute couple

  78. siwangi


    2 hónapja

    Ur ring is so GORGEOUS girl plus ur dog is super cute and ur relationship is beautiful UR PERFECT ❤❤

  79. Veronica Navarro

    Veronica Navarro

    2 hónapja

    the ring is so beautiful!!!!!!!!

  80. lovewildpeace


    2 hónapja

    My husband and I designed my ring together and also split the cost, since I wanted a big diamond and we were super young. Everyone’s different and that’s okay 🤍

  81. Mae Bae

    Mae Bae

    2 hónapja

    You look like someone in mamma mia

  82. Duke Thach

    Duke Thach

    2 hónapja

    U should make terrible food then act like u made it with all your heart and tried and hide the camera to get his reaction.

  83. Gracie Peel

    Gracie Peel

    2 hónapja

    is niki anf gabi over?😢😥

  84. Angela Trejo

    Angela Trejo

    2 hónapja

    Your ring is gorgeous 😍❤️

  85. Ang Rodriguez

    Ang Rodriguez

    2 hónapja

    This I love that you both built it. I always worry about if my future fiancé picks a ring without me that I won’t like it bc I’m picky. I want to this with my future husband

  86. Kylie Lenci

    Kylie Lenci

    2 hónapja

    I could not imagine if my husband picked the ring I was supposed to wear forverr lol he doesn't have the same taste as me lol

  87. jb


    2 hónapja

    when collin called gabi wife 🥺✨

  88. Danielle Ancell

    Danielle Ancell

    2 hónapja

    Gabi’s smile when Collin says wife 😇

  89. DR3AM.WEAV3R


    2 hónapja

    When he called her his wife 😍 her face was pure happiness, I'm so happy for them!

  90. Heaven Sutterfield

    Heaven Sutterfield

    2 hónapja

    The ring is beautiful!

    • Ankita Jain

      Ankita Jain

      2 hónapja

      omg i love it too!! Also i have a beauty channel and would love if you could subscribe!! 💗💗

  91. Lhea Herlik

    Lhea Herlik

    2 hónapja

    I hope you read this I love you soooooooooo much I watch all your videos and nikkis I love her to pls read this

  92. Vashinee Ramburuth

    Vashinee Ramburuth

    2 hónapja

    Love you to🥺❤❤❤

  93. Independent Thinker

    Independent Thinker

    2 hónapja

    Damn...needed that devotional tonight. Thanks gab ❤❤❤

  94. Vikki Kenneth

    Vikki Kenneth

    2 hónapja

    Tnks for the devotionals Gabi😌✨

  95. Laialy


    2 hónapja

    You and Collin should make wedding build a bear.

    • Ayah f

      Ayah f

      2 hónapja

      Omg yess they should ❤️

    • Ayah f

      Ayah f

      2 hónapja

      i like ur profile pic

  96. Clau Mac

    Clau Mac

    2 hónapja

    Amen Gabi! 💕🕊☁️✝️

  97. Clau Mac

    Clau Mac

    2 hónapja

    Wait...jeans!?!? 😆💕

  98. Sam S.

    Sam S.

    2 hónapja


  99. Daily Zita

    Daily Zita

    2 hónapja

    Honestly, I need hope too..

  100. Mariah Teixeira

    Mariah Teixeira

    2 hónapja

    I would want to pick out my ring too since it’s something I’ll be wearing daily ❤️