what i would wear if i could go to paris right now!

Do you miss traveling?? I DO TOO! JOIN ME while I go on a STAY-CATION that truly resembles Paris! I've recently discovered names for my multiple aesthetics! In this video you will see outfits I would wear if I could go to Paris! My style aesthetic in this video is light academia, cottage core, & a vintage aesthetic style!!
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Beautiful mess FRAGRANCE
Hi I'm Gabi DeMartino! I make myself the main character of my life every day and I document that through these fancy vlogs! I live the cottage core life with my fiancé! I am getting married to the love of my life can you believe that!? My favorite singer is Ariana Grande, and I'm from Niki and Gabi on HUeye! Follow me throughout my crazy life fulfilling my dreams and encountering CRAZY situations! On this channel, you will see my life through vlogs, aesthetic videos, morning routines and night routines. I romanticize my life to its fullest even though crazy stuff happens! I open up in almost every video about my life and stuff I'm going through. I also document the RARE and incredible stuff that happens to me too! Such as being in the Thank You Next music video, to going to cool events, and places! I love fashion with all of my heart and you'll see hauls in almost every video even if the title has nothing to do with that LOL. I love my subscribers with all my heart. Join the fancy fam and stayed tuned for an upload EVERY 3 DAYS!
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      fancy vlogs by gab

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    • fancy vlogs by gab

      fancy vlogs by gab

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